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1 We’re Still Open For Business

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by Ted Wall

I know this may not be the popular opinion nowadays, but I believe that America remains open for business. I think that this is definitely the case in Clark County, where things are getting a lot better than they were just a few years ago. I know that the recession was particularly tough on a lot of people at local businesses were hit incredibly hard as they struggled to continue to keep succeeding in what was an awful environment in general.

hopeI believe also that we can start to put those nightmares behind us. I know that the real estate market was a cause of all this madness, and certainly a lot of people continue to suffer from foreclosures and other difficult financing issues today. I believe that we have learned our lesson, however, and that there are always going to be new opportunities for people who are sharp in America.

This website will continue to represent the businesses of our community and hopefully provide you with the kind of insight to the local community and business practices that perhaps many other resources may not offer. I for one have been involved in this County for a long time and I have to say that I have seen a lot of boom and bust cycles and that this one is very different than many of the other ones.

The matter how low revenues, or ghostly the businesses in this County seemed, there always ended up being a vision for a prosperous future. Even though the time seemed dark, I think we can all rest assured in the fact that the people of this County love their business community, and despite the inclusion of business killers like Walmart and other big box retailers, we really can all get along and compete in this environment. I am sure that there are going to be those who are bitter about the economic situation, and many of them will probably blame the president, but the fact is that the last president was far more to blame for all of these problems than anyone else. Not only that, but you have to consider that that entire administration was basically gambling with America’s future. Sure, it will stop now, but let’s remember that the previous eight years set up a house of cards that we are still recovering from today.

It is my hope that we are building a foundation on a much stronger bedrock. You just don’t have real estate going up 200% or more in some places and then expect that everything will get back to normal within the next couple weeks. It just does not happen. That’s what they call the bubble, and that’s why we continue to battle with some pretty difficult problems in Washington.

Well hey. I don’t want to get to doom and gloom on you.  We really could be worse. And by that I mean that we could be Arizona, Nevada, Florida, or quite frankly a lot of other places in the country. Instead, we have a beautiful community featuring smart people who really care about each other. That isn’t a really common thing in this country, unfortunately, so we should be proud of the things we have achieved.

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