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0 Data Recovery for Servers Can Get Expensive

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recoveryI should have known that it was probably not the best idea to pick up on old IBM serveraid system. I had heard a lot of things about these machines, and not unfortunately a lot of good was coming out of the testimonials. But, my boss said he wanted to sit at a very cheap rate server in order to house our Oracle database. I tried to tell him that it probably wasn’t a good idea to try and save money on a storage platform that would be using such a key program for our company, but he said that he was looking to go cheap. This was unfortunate, because of course immediately we had a situation that required IBM ServeRAID data recovery, which as not a lot of people know, is pretty difficult to find. We found a really decent company that offers raid data recovery as a specialization, and they managed to fix the server, but at a much higher cost than usual.

It was a stupid move, but I have to say that I did warn my boss that getting any kind of raid recovery, especially something like Oracle or Exchange recovery is going to be critically expensive. Not only do you have to deal with a complicated hardware setup, but you also have to deal with the fact that these programs are not exactly easy to recover with the utilities that are provided. Therefore, you obviously are going to need some kind of proprietary raid data recovery techniques in order to ensure that you can retrieve as much of the data as possible.

Well, now that you spend a couple thousand dollars more than he originally wanted to want to raid servers set up, I have suggested Dell PowerEdge servers because at least they are well supported for a good period of time. I hope he follows my suggestion.

Fast Raid Recovery

Yes, I certainly do understand exactly what it means to find yourself in a situation where a raid server fails miserably. This is not something you expect, because when you read anything about raid servers, you understand that the redundancy of the striped disks are typically going to save you. But unfortunately, what a lot of people don’t realize is that often the hard drive that make up the raid array are all manufactured at once and often you can get a bad batch of hard drive. When this happens, you really have no idea exactly when a raid recovery situation is going to strike. Certainly, when it does, you want to make sure that you have all the right contacts in order to get your data back as soon as possible. Understand that most data that is stored on raid servers is going to be pretty critical to your company, so you’ll want to back right away.

More Mac Data Recovery, Please

I actually found myself surprised the other week when I was doing a survey of the tech industry and I discovered one of the things that most people were looking for but could not find was mac data recovery. This actually surprised me quite a bit, mainly because of the fact that Macs are starting to get a lot more widespread in the city. There was a time when Mac computers were simply for designers, and no one else actually using. But I think a lot of people are beginning to see that there are a lot of business applications to macs, especially because of the iPhone.

But I can’t believe that the hard drive recovery industry hasn’t kept up very well when it comes to mac data recovery. They need to understand that there is a huge market out there, and if they can capitalize, they will be quite well.

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