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This is the story of the death of my hard drive, and its subsequent effects on my life. One long and stormy night, I was intently working away on my latest crime drama novel. As I so cleverly began typing on the last page, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, suddenly, my computer screen went dark. I wondered, “Did my joke about Jack bring some malevolent spirit to kill my computer?”

crashed-hard-drive-unitAlas, as humorous as this may sound, hard drive disasters are no joke. Every week, 140,000 hard drives crash in the US alone. 6% of all computers will suffer an episode of data loss yearly. Given the amount of computers used by businesses, this 6% translates to approximately 4.6 million losses of data. Some hard drive brands are particularly susceptible to failure. 60% of companies that lost their data, will shut their doors within 6 months of the disaster. The staggering cost of this loss comes in at over 20 billion dollars. With shocking statistics like these, it only illustrates the dependency we have on our computers.

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Let me first begin by saying, if you (more…)

A rose by any other name is still a rose. Apply that saying to exercise, and you’re on the right track to understanding it. Low-impact aerobics exercise, for example, has a number of names. But no matter what you call it–soft, low-intensity, low-level, fluid, or no-bounce–the bottom line is still exercise.

Regardless of whether you are riding your bike, swimming laps in a pool, walking 10 blocks, or rowing your boat down the river, the end result will be good news for your heart and lungs. Any prolonged exercise that stimulates the heart and lungs to increase the amount of oxygen intake is aerobic. And a strong cardiovascular system is a good indicator of overall fitness.

Not All Exercise Is Equal

However, don’t be fooled into (more…)

snoring-solvedOver the years, snoring has become such a problem in bedrooms that it has caused arguments between couples and have, in some instances, caused some partners to be thrown out of the room. But these days, snoring may not be as impossible to solve as it once was. People have become more informed about the causes of the problem or if not, it’s now easier for them to be educated about it. Different websites have been recognized for being reliable sources of information for this problem.

Add to the widely available information, there are the stop snoring products that promise to put a stop to the problem and true to their promise, a lot of these products have in fact delivered. One of the most successful stop snoring products would be the tongue stabilizing device Good Morning Snore Solution. It is hardly inconvenient, small enough to not be uncomfortable and easily fits in almost anyone’s mouth regardless of the mouth’s size.

Other stop snoring products are nasal hygiene & allergy relief, nasal strips & dilators and mouth breathing devices. The first two sets of products are intended to address snoring problems resulting from problematic breathing through the nose while the third kind helps address snoring problems from mouth breathing.

Reasons To Read Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

Have you ever dreamed of having an uninterrupted sleep? Do you think that getting an adequate amount of sleep is tongue-in-cheek? If you have long been suffering from snoring and you can to put an end to your problem, it is recommended you read snoring mouthpiece reviews. These contain helpful information about the product you wish to purchase. These are unbiased and present the pros and cons of the device. Snoring mouthpiece reviews are very helpful because they also provide you a step by step guide on how to use the device. If you are wondering which anti snoring device is effective, the reviews will help you in your buying decision.

Based on various snoring mouthpiece reviews, the mouthpiece is one of the first choices of people with snoring problems. It is indeed a useful device because it allows you to let the air pass so vibrations are reduced. If you find deciding on which device to choose challenging, the reviews will help you make (more…)

2 Safe Biking… A Quiz

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bikingcJeff, in a hurry, maneuvered his bicycle to the right of the cars stopped at the stop sign, and glided into the intersection. It was something he had done so many times. Like many cyclists, he had the attitude that stop signs were really meant for cars, not bikes. The first car at the stop sign blocked his view to the left, so he did not see the car coming until just before it hit him. Similarly, the teen driving the car had no chance to see Jeff before he sailed into the intersection.

Jeff was critically injured.

Losing (Safety) Consciousness

When does it happen, this loss of safely consciousness? When you first learned to ride a bike, your probably followed all the rules. You stopped at stop signs, looked both ways, were cautious of driveways, yielded right of way to pedestrians, and kept your bike in good condition. Then, perhaps one (more…)

Janey thought she liked her mother’s boyfriend Dan the first minute she say him. how could she have been so wrong? How could she have guessed that the generous, loving man who first began dating her mother would turn into a wicked stepfather the minute he and her mother were married?

Janey thought that they would instantly become the closest of families, but her hopes were shattered with the first argument: Dan insisted she finish her homework or he wouldn’t take her skating. She could have saved herself a lot of disappointment if her expectations had been more realistic.

It’s not hard to understand why parents and children pin unrealistic hopes on a new marriage. They may be coming off years of unhappiness from a divorce or death and they long for a happy change. Almost 80 percent of people who divorce will take another chance and remarry, usually within three years. There are more than 6 million children living in stepfamilies, and that’s not counting children who have a stepparent they don’t live–for instance, if they live their mother but their (more…)

If you have ever dreamed of starting your own blog site, then, go for it now. People who are gifted with the talent to write can create their own site at no cost at all. Here are some tips on how to start your own blog site for free. Exploit the bulk of information that you can find through the internet. There are millions of web pages that contain relevant information and how to start a blog site is one of them. Expert bloggers offer advice for free on their own blogs. If you know how to search for data from the internet, you can easily find a step-by-step guide that will help you create your own blog site.

If there are instructions that you cannot understand, you can join forums that discuss this topic. You can ask questions and there will be experts to (more…)

Protect your skin and prevent winter dryness with this easy skin care regimen…

Protecting your skin during winter can be tough!

Protecting your skin during winter can be tough!

Icy sidewalks, high-energy bills and failing car batteries are all to be expected during the winter season. But, here’s another cold fact: Your skin can suffer during the colder months, too, and, if left neglected, can begin to look like, and feel like, that proverbial dried-out fruit cake still in the box. Fortunately, a few (more…)